BDS Group

BDS GROUP has made aap prominent mark for itself in the chemical industry since it's in corporation in the year 1995.


Sodium hydrosulphide is the chemical compound with the formula NaSH. This compound is the product of the half-neutralization of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) with sodium hydroxide (NaOH). NaSH and sodium sulphide are used industrially, often for similar purposes. Solid NaSH is colourless. The solid has an odour of H2S owing to hydrolysis by atmospheric moisture.


Thousands of tons of NaSH are produced annually. Its main uses are in cloth and paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulphur used in the kraft process, as a flotation agent in copper mining where it is used to activate oxide mineral species, and in the leather industry for the removal of hair from hides.

AVAILABLE-25 kg bags