BDS Group

BDS GROUP has made aap prominent mark for itself in the chemical industry since it's in corporation in the year 1995.



It is purplish -black crystalline salt, that dissolves in water to give intensely pink or purple solutions. Potassium permanganate is widely used in chemicals industry and laboratories as a strong oxidizing agent, and also as a medication for dermatitis, for cleaning wounds and general disinfection.


(1) It is used to treat a number of skin conditions that includes fungal infections       Dermatitis, superficial wounds, and tropical ulcers.
(2) It is used extensively in the water treatment industry.
(3) Historically in was used to disinfects drinking water.
(4) It is also used as a reagent for the synthesis of Ascorbic Acid, Chloramphenicol, saccharin, Isonicotinic Acid and Pyrazinoic Acid.

Safety – kmno4 poses risks as an oxidizer. contact with skin will result in long lasting brown stain.

AVAILABLE in 50 kg Bags.